Tree Pruning (1)

About a Month Left!

Almost There

So if you are caught up with my blog at all and read my first post, you saw that I mentioned my parents have been making me get a job working for a tree service company during the summer. Now that is is November, I have about a month left until I can hang up my tree trimmers until next year (or hopefully for good). The whole tree service industry obviously slows down to pretty much nothing during the winter and I have to go to school so my parents were “nice” enough to not make me stick it out throughout the year. This last month is the absolute worst though. It’s starting to get cold so now every single job that I have to do sucks. At least in the summer I can get a tan and I am not absolutely miserable the entire time. Now I am freezing and my hands are getting numb every day. You can’t really wear any real thick gloves while you work either because the tools we have to use are just too hard to handle carefully with some bulky things on your hands.

Don’t Think I Can Make it

Now that I am grounded (see here), I hate having to work even more. You would think it would be the opposite; but knowing that after I spend hours outside tree pruning, I know that all I have to look forward to is going home to even more absolute boredom. I think I might go crazy before this month is over.


Once this month is over, I don’t have to step inside another job and I will be completely free from my parents wrath FOR GOOD. Well, at least 6 or 7 months but words cannot describe how excited I am for this glorious time. I can see it now. I am going to gain 15 pounds from drinking coke and eating doritos for 5 days straight on my X Box to make up for all this lost time. Oh my God I want to play Halo 5 right now. So bad.

Any of you out there have any stories that landed you a month of being grounded? This is the longest my parents have ever gone and I really don’t think it was even that big of a deal. I know that we could have gotten hurt or whatever if something went terribly wrong, but what is there to do that there isn’t some slight chance that you will get hurt? I can’t think of anything besides sitting in front of my TV or computer that’s worth doing.

Have our parents and grown ups never been teenagers themselves? Was there some kind of magical machine back in the day that would instantly age people 15 years? I have friends that could write books on some of the horrible and dangerous things they do every single day and never get in any kind of trouble that I get in. I know that my parents care about me and love me and all of that nonsense, but they really need to lighten up sometimes. This is going to drive me insane…

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